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#FFLDEFINES Design Thinking

Creativity with Empathy

Rooted in creativity techniques and creative problem-solving developments in the early 1960s and popularized in the 1990s and 2000s, Design Thinking has evolved into a key innovation capability of many businesses.

It is an iterative process which includes:

Empathize – gain an understanding of the consumer – their needs and wants

Define – with that understanding, define a problem to solve

Ideate – create ideas to solve the problem

Prototype – quickly create prototypes of several ideas

Test – get feedback from the consumer to understand impact and improve

While this seems like a typical research to implementation process, it allows companies to get the most out of creativity, while anchoring their choices on insights. With empathy, Design Thinking can help develop better solutions by reframing the problem, with rapid prototyping and testing, Design Thinking can help lower costs and risks. The iterations help teams gain confidence for their real-world tests.

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