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#FFLrecommends Our Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a convenient way to keep useful resources at your fingertips. Be it a tool that helps you work more efficiently, or simply a fun site you go to when you need a mental break, your bookmarks can be telling of your working style.

We have compiled some of our team’s bookmarks. For us – productivity has got to be the first, together with some tips and guides especially when it comes to navigating remote working. Productivity tools such as Stormboard, Trello, and Mural help us to collaborate effectively across distance and time zones. This go hand in hand with the tips and tricks we keep handy on best practices to collaborate and work with data.

Other times, when things are getting busy and you need a breather, here are some of the things we do for a quick mental break!

Last but not least, inspiration is important to help us reframe and get unstuck. These outside stimuli can give us a new pair of lens to see our challenge. Here are some websites we go to seek new ways of thinking.

We hope that these resources are a little different from your usual routine, and allow you to seek new ideas and inspiration.

What are some useful resources you’d like to share? Let us know and we would be glad to pass these on too!





Tips and Guides

Google Analytics

Tips for a successful Virtual Co-Creation session

How to inspire great ideas from the Outside-In

Just for Fun

Discord: Animal Crossing


Collaborative Ice Breakers

Reddit: r/holdmybeer

Tomgauld Portfolio





Disruptor League



Harvard Business Review

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