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Collaborative Ice Breakers

Short, interactive fun sessions are great ways to break the ice in any workshop or meeting, to help participants warm up to each other and to get ready for the tasks ahead. It’s helpful in a face to face environment, and even more so for virtual collaboration.

At Flying Fish Lab, we’re always on the lookout for tools and activities to increase the success of collaboration.  One such activity we did together recently was spreadsheet pixel art colouring.  

Here, you can see our result from 10 mins of collaborative colouring. Clearly, we’ve got budding artists in our team.

Using Google Sheets or Excel Online, it’s as simple as setting up a spreadsheet with conditional formatting assigned to fill colours to numbers.  You can then use these to paint any image or artwork you choose.It can be competitive – send the file to each team member and see who comes up with the best result.  We prefer to assign a colour to a team member and use cues during a virtual team meeting to help us “paint” together.

Try it for yourself and download your own copy to use!

What collaborative ice breakers do you do with your teams?  We’d love to know your tips and tricks too! Tell us about it at or leave a comment on any of our social media.


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