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How to Weaponise Category Expertise with Yes, If.

Immediately after an Ideation Session, we tend to feel good because of the collaboration and shared risk-taking we experienced to generate innovative possibilities. Have you ever felt this passion deflate after coming back to the office when real-world constraints come back to challenge you? So how do others do it?... by leaning into Category Expertise.

Agile Innovation Methods – Empower creative, multi-disciplinary teams to self-manage a project as collaborative peers. The team follows a self-made road map with essential activities required to get them to execution. They build prototypes in short sprints and test these with a few customers to help them judge if they are ready to launch.

Stage-Gate Project Management – Teams will go through different “gates” where their idea will go through various hoops to progress. It works best when:

  1. Organizations get the Process right by turning what was known to be purely a bureaucratic process to one that enables teams to move quickly by providing guidance and tools to help bring the idea to life.

  2. Teams get their Gate Deliverables right by supplying the best information to enable effective prioritization and resourcing decisions.

Walt Disney was famous for a "Yes, if..." mindset. He kept employees engaged and contributing by not shooting down suggestions. He instead steered employees toward improving their ideas.

“Yes, if…” balances creativity and responsibility. It allows us to see success while being practical about what it would take to achieve it.

We want to help you gain these advantages from Controlled Disruption to actively seek innovative ways to increase your chance of success. Contact us via the button below, and we'll guide you through the transformative journey.


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