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Creative Crowdsourcing

To make the crowd work for you, collide their ideas with yours!

While there are many success stories of brands who have tapped into the wisdom of the crowd to help with their innovation challenges, others have found themselves swamped with too many seemingly irrelevant ideas and vowed never to engage with a crowd again. Is Creative Crowdsourcing a “cool but pretty useless tool” whose success depends on a fair amount of luck?

At Flying Fish Lab, we take the view that Creative Crowdsourcing offers a huge potential for breakthrough ideas because:

  1. Through a voluntary, participatory model, you can tap into individuals who have both the interest and enough naivety in your industry to harness unique insights.

  2. Their naivety puts them in a unique position to ideate without blinkers.  They can bypass the unconscious biases of your industry, as well as apply parallels from other industries, which may not be as easy to see from an expert’s perspective.

  3. They typically have strong illustration skills to bring to life their ideas, making these richer and more inspirational.

When managed well, Creative Crowdsourcing provides the most fertile catalyst to create new solutions to old problems.

It works best when you use these seemingly improbable ideas to provoke experts to apply their existing knowledge and come up with new possible perspectives, ideas, solutions or approaches. By colliding crowdsourcing ideas with your team’s ideas, you unlock something new!

At Flying Fish Lab, we use Creative Crowdsourcing as stimuli for Cross-Functional Ideation.  Our unparalleled experience in motivating crowds puts us in a unique position to support your challenge. We analyse each idea from the crowd and share them with you during co-creation sessions, so that you see the potential of colliding these ideas with your own.


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