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What Blinkers Are You Wearing Today?

Every brand proudly says they’re different, but our consumers and customers most likely see and experience a sea of sameness. If we take the time to remove our blinkers and look at the playing field from the Outside In, we may see it too.

Category Conventions

We all make the best effort to understand our consumers and stay ahead of their needs. The reality is, however, that all players in the category have access to these universal truths and, judging from what we most often see in the market, end up reacting to these by offering similar solutions. Category conventions – the “rules” - start to form and we all end up blinkered and playing by them.

Best Practices

There are great ways of doing things that have helped brands become successful. These are studied, admired, and become norms. Just because it’s how it’s always been done, doesn’t mean it will unlock future opportunities. Best Practices are often “current good practices” that we should learn from, but they can also become blinkers that stop us from developing new good practices.

At Flying Fish Lab, we actively remove these blinkers to help you see opportunities from the Outside In. Contact us via the button below and we’ll help you out.


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