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How to Get the Best from Crowdsourcing

If you have not commissioned or participated in a Crowdsourcing contest yet, you are missing out! Here are a few reasons why:

Many organisations see “Crowdsourcing” as a buzzword that is complex and difficult to get great results from.

Asking a crowd to help you solve your challenge will:

• Offer you a diverse set of possibilities

• Help you reframe the issue

• Allow you to create breakthrough

At Flying Fish Lab, we follow a few Crowdsourcing Design Principles to raise the chances of success. These include:

1. Entice and excite your crowd with a focused and engaging crowdsourcing brief

2. Ensure you have a diverse crowd

3. Ensure your crowd retain independence in their opinions

4. Aggregate and extract ideas and insights from your contest to ensure you use the output

5. Ensure trust across the board (creators and clients) - manage your contest well and cover all potential IP issues.

These allow us to avoid typical Crowdsourcing pitfalls:

‼ Information is not delivered to the right people in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way, which leads to bad results.

‼ Homogeneity – perhaps we have people who are too similar, which limits diversity of output

‼ Too much communication within the crowd, which results in groupthink

‼ There is no disagreement or competition, which leads to ideas with little effort behind them

‼ Risk of loss of confidentiality, which could lead to legal and commercial problems

‼ Risk of loss of intellectual property, which could lead to legal problems

If you’d like to tap into the expertise of the crowd or participate in a contest, contact us via the button below and we’ll help you out.


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