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Crowdsourcing the FFL Way

At Flying Fish Lab, we follow a few Crowdsourcing Design Principles to raise the chances of success.

Share with us your challenge, and we will transform that into a focused and engaging crowdsourcing brief. We will convert business jargon to everyday language to entice and excite the crowd to help you solve your challenge.

We work with many crowdsourcing platforms and will choose the right ones to ensure you have a diverse crowd to truly deliver a rich collection of intelligent naïve solutions.

While we will interact and engage with the crowd to ensure they have all the information and confidence they require to create a new solution, we will always ensure your crowd retains independence in their opinions to avoid group think.

Even after the contest, we will be with you. We will aggregate and extract ideas and insights from your contest to ensure you will use the output by highlighting all the possibilities the creators offer that you might not be able to easily see.

We Ensure trust across the board (creators and clients). From setting up the contracts, to managing your contest well, and covering all potential IP issues, we have all the bases covered to ensure everyone can focus on creating the best crowdsourced ideas for your challenge.


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