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Coffee’s Culture of Innovation: Wake up to its simplicity!

Image from Weekender

We’re always on the lookout for simple yet ingenious solutions in the market that we may not have seen before, that may differ from the norm or are springboards for further ideas.

Today, we’d like to share an innovation from the 90s which is spreading again all over the world, for a good reason: It lets you make a great cup of coffee anywhere you are, without any fancy equipment!

Coffee drip bags are single cup doses of ground coffee wrapped in filter paper; with “wings” you can stretch to mount them on your cup. Simply tear off the top to access the coffee ground and pour some water in to brew. Wait a bit and enjoy!

Have you seen these Coffee Drip Bags around?

Coffee’s innovation culture has been on the boil since early civilizations began drinking coffee – some say around the 9th century.

From the coffee houses of Arabia in the 15th century, to Turkey, then to Europe, and eventually to the kissatens of Japan, coffee has spread all over the world to become an integral and enjoyable part of our social activities.

Coffee Culture is not just about the social enjoyment of coffee. Coffee Culture is about innovation. Over the centuries, and even up to now, there has been constant improvement on how to produce and extract flavours from the bean to enjoy an even more delicious cup.

Pour over coffee has been around for a long time – the paper filter was patented by the Melitta company in 1908, and iconic drippers such as the Hario V60 and Chemex have been around for decades. With the rise of the specialty coffee movement, even pouring techniques have been innovated – do a search online and you’ll find many paths towards a better brew.

Whichever dripper, filter, or pour technique you favour, these innovations have allowed for a good freshly brewed cup of coffee to be accessible to all. With the comeback of coffee drip bags, it is now truly enjoyable anywhere and anytime.

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