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Bring ideas closer to action using the Lean Canvas

We all know the saying: “Ideas are worth a dime a dozen”. Ideas are not worth much unless you do something with them. Seeing hundreds of ideas on a wall brings about a feel-good effect about your sense of creativity and productivity, but eventually the question remains:

“What do I do with these to generate value?”

At Flying Fish Lab, we believe that we need many ideas to stimulate a “collision of ideas” into new solutions. We typically start with around 50 crowdsourced ideas and produce hundreds more within a few hours of co-creation. After we’ve given the team enough time to celebrate their progress, we proceed to build concepts from these hundreds of ideas.

One of the many tools we use to articulate our concepts is the Lean Canvas. The Lean Canvas is a customer problem-solution focused business model template adapted from the Business Model Canvas. While it was designed for Lean Start-ups, it is also used by established brands, even in CPG. It can push you to translate the hundreds of ideas you have into a total business model. You will articulate the typical product details, describe how to distribute and communicate, as well as highlight cost and revenue potential.

Online Lean Canvas tool for your Business Model

Lean Canvas Template from LEANSTACK

With this level of elaboration presented in a 1-page dashboard, it becomes easier to create a multi-functional action plan to bring ideas to life.

Have you used the Lean Canvas after ideation? Contact us to find out how you could bring your ideation to the next level of implementability.

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