Need help to burn your business to the ground?

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The Phoenix Encounter Method by V. “Paddy” Padmanabhan, from INSEAD professors Ian C. Woodward, Sameer Hasija, and best-selling author Ram Charan was released today.  It’s a timely call for a new leadership perspective amidst the faster pace of disruption today. The Phoenix Encounter empowers leaders and instils the confident Phoenix Attitude required to imagine burning your business to the ground and then resurrecting it from the ashes. The Phoenix Encounter Method: Lead Like Your Business Is on  Fire! eBook: Woodward, Ian C., Padmanabhan, V. “Paddy", Hasija, Sameer,  Charan, Ram: Kindle Store

Essential to the Encounters are Phoenix Encounter Groups (PEGs) who play the roles of both attacking and defending the incumbent.  They are carefully organised small groups with members that provide maximum diversity and experience… not just from within the incumbent’s organisation, but ideally from different industries and organizations. Yes, outsiders!

There’s a lot to learn, and we’ll share more as we go. In the meantime, here’s how we bring the outside in at Flying Fish Lab. Subscribe to our newsletter for timely updates!


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