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Groupthink, brainstorming sessions that don’t generate value, endless workshops….


We offer you a better way, fast, cost effective and capable of reaching out to a vast network of creators across the world. Those consumers/creators will help you with business solving ideas, new products, new services, new approaches to communications, perhaps activation ideas are what you need. Maybe you need graphic design ideas or packaging solutions. We can help.


Give us your challenge and we will manage it. We will find the best crowd of creators for you, we will brief them, we will work with them, we will nurture them, we will curate their work and we will pay them for their work and with you, we will award prizes for those who better solved your brief.


In a very short time, you will get a fresh, outside of the box approach to your business challenges that will become a game changer.


Unleash the creative power of the crowd. Don’t stay stuck. Join our clients in a discovery journey towards a new, more effective way of approaching business challenges.

Crowdsourcing Examples

Brands and Companies we have worked with


From briefing to report in 4 to 6 weeks!
From as little as EUR25,000, we can help you run a simple creative crowdsourcing contest.  It’s all custom-designed so we can help you adjust the costs to match your budget.

We offer unparalleled experience on crowdsourcing across different platforms and contest design.  We custom-build communities that consist of creative consumers, technical experts, and influencers from all over the world to ensure you can access the unique perspective you need.

Our work speaks for itself



“From inspiring crowdsourcing ideas, to an effective challenger thinking workshop, Flying Fish Lab supported our multidisciplinary and international team in building a comprehensive pipeline of concepts. Bringing innovative and successful products into Sennheiser’s future roadmap was a great experience.”

Pasta Ingredients


“From unique Crowdsourced ideas, a dynamic Challenger Thinking co-creation session helped us develop a strong pipeline of tangible concepts, which we took through a rigorous process of Greenhousing and Roadmap development. FFL team has been thought provoking and constantly challenged our thinking. This has been very appreciated as many times companies tend to be inward in thinking.”

Pink Rose


“We came to Flying Fish Lab with a problem that we didn’t really know how to solve. We wanted to create disruption without jeopardising our current business; 'controlled disruption' seemed perfect for our challenge. They helped us bring breakthrough thinking and a new mindset… to the team. The approach was truly different and led to fantastic results!”


*Terms and conditions apply

We believe, that just like you, our brand should stand for something strong and distinct.
Flying Fish Lab stands not just for the expertise of people who've been in your shoes and know the pains of growing a brand or a business, big or small. It stands for an uncompromising work ethic where we engage in each client challenge like it's our own . 
So you won't be surprised when we say we take pride in ensuring that every client is a satisfied customer who would be happy to recommend us. Otherwise we will offer your money back (terms and conditions apply). 

 Contact us today for a risk free quote!

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