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Branding that works for you

Let's be honest: the world doesn't need another architectural company service, or another bread manufacturer. Same goes for your company and your brand, doesn't it? There's plenty of everything!

So why shouldn’t your customers just choose the cheapest? Well, because you know that price fighting will bleed your profits to death!

Strong and sharp branding helps customers to choose your business over your competition. It’s not magic and it’s not perfect, but poor branding will hurt your business, by letting them choose only based on price and specs.

Your brand should make your customers pause, before they consider your competitors. Give them a sense they will loose out if they don't purchase from you. Your brand needs to make customers confident that they are making made the best choice, the right choice. 


Branding gives your customers a strong and compelling reason to choose your product or service, over the competition. But that’s not the whole story because strong branding also gives your team internal alignment and clarity. Helping you to make the right choices, when you understand what you are trying to achieve in order to satisfy your customers.


Flying Fish Lab takes the experience of building strong MNC brands to help your SME win more customers. We help companies create branding that stands out and wins customers, using a challenger mindset. Because in order to strongly differentiate your business, you have to understand that the biggest threat to your brand, to your business, is indifference: when customers don't care, they choose based on price. So you need to challenge the status quo!

Brands and Companies we have worked with


We can do end-to-end projects in 4-6 weeks, including collaterals. Our branding work can be as short as 1 day of workshop, with 1 week of preparation, excluding collaterals.
We work with packages that include articulating and expressing your brand, starting from SGD$49,500 for positioning, implementation plan, Logo & website. Depending in your needs, we can adjust the costs to match your budget.
We have a team of senior consultants with experience building and growing their own brands, before helping you build yours. We use a framework adopted by MNCs who wanted to learnt from agile SMEs.

Our work speaks for itself


Harry's Bar Chain

Flying Fish Lab's  approach, ideology & method has helped our team immensely re-look our brand positioning & get to the essence of our brand to find new purpose & life. 


Kerry Foods

From incredible complexity, Flying Fish Lab managed to extract simple evidence in an outstanding brand proposition that perfectly fit our business needs. We 100% recommend FFL to create a breakthrough consumer proposition and a unique internal involvement.


Everlife Asia

Flying Fish Lab did an outstanding job of helping us question our internal views and distill a strong brand positioning. They then helped express that in a strong new logo and website.


*Terms and conditions apply

We believe, that just like you, our brand should stand for something strong and distinct.
Flying Fish Lab stands not just for the expertise of people who've been in your shoes and know the pains of growing a brand or a business, big or small. It stands for an uncompromising work ethic where we engage in each client challenge like it's our own . 
So you won't be surprised when we say we take pride in ensuring that every client is a satisfied customer who would be happy to recommend us. Otherwise we will offer your money back (terms and conditions apply). 

Contact us today for a risk free quote!

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